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KW: Gentlemen, do you have a girlfriends, wifes, because I don’t know… No?
Maciek: No.
KW: [David] do you have a wife?
Dawid: I have a girlfriend. Jan will have a wife.
KW: Do you want to get married?!
Janek: Yeah, I have to [laughs]

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we’re not normal

Dawid Kubacki’s comment about ski jumpers goofing around and playing tricks on each other (The Kuba Wojewódzki Show 15.04.2014)

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Be careful when pronouncing Finnish



Make sure you know how to say things right in Finnish to avoid an awkward situation. Here’s an example what a few wrong letters might do:

Rakkaus = Love

Rokkaus = Rocking

Raskaus = Pregnancy

Roskaus = Trashing

Raiskaus = Rape

Rikkaus = Wealth

Roiskaus = A large splash/spill

don’t forget

tapaan sinut - i (will) meet you

tapan sinut - i (will) kill you


kuusi - six

kusi - piss